MusicBreak: MILA & FIRE VINTAGE. @MilaFireVintage

1 Jul

Mila & Fire; two beautiful, eclectic young ladies.  these girls have a knack for vintage that’s unheard of.  some of the things on their site are so vintage, so original, so absolutely amazing that i wonder where they’ve been my whole life!

these days, it’s really hard to find affordable vintage sites that cater to the younger crowd. Mila & Fire encompass TRUE vintage to the 10th degree.

So if you’re a seasoned vintage buyer like myself, or looking to begin thrifting and need a bit of guidance Mila & Fire Vintage is where you want to start. When i began thrifting, i found it to be overwhelming and a bit confusing. i wish i would have come across their site a long time ago. They make vintage look EASY.

below are a few of my favorites from their site.



not only are the clothes amazing, but they also give you suggestions on how to wear the pieces. what could be better?

Visit Mila & Fire Vintage here!

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