Artist Catch Up & New EP: Ron O’Neal by @Wreck_NCrew !!

19 Jul

“Wreck N Crew the bomb, i’m just waiting for the blow up..”

na but seriously.  Meet Wreck N Crew.

some of the coolest fellas you’ll ever encounter.  hailing from Durham, NC, the  group is made up of Freshman & Trie Cartier. The Crew, which is compiled of a group of friends, more like family, are also dope individuals. Behind the music we have Laphelle & the C.O.M.Posers bringing you the funk.

i got turned onto Wreck N Crew a year & a half ago & i’ve loved them every since.

the shit they make is timeless… that missing piece that real music heads have been searching for.

now that you’re up to date, meet my nigga Ron.

Their latest project.  The first time i heard it, i immediately thought that it was a soundtrack from an award winning movie.  Using commentary from the 1972 movie “Super Fly,” this EP is sure to please.

i adore it. there’s so much growth. can’t wait for them to receive the recognition they deserve.

music lovers, i present to you, Ron O’Neal; The EP.


DOWNLOAD Wreck N Crew’s Ron O\’Neal

One Response to “Artist Catch Up & New EP: Ron O’Neal by @Wreck_NCrew !!”


  1. WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Wreck N Crew, Phil Ade, Skyzoo & Schyler Chaise. @Wreck_NCrew @PHILADE301 @skyzoo @SchylerChaise « forthelooveeofmusic - November 30, 2011

    […]   Particularly, “Armed & Dangerous.”  Real smooth. i’m lovin the Creewwww *Weeknd voice*. ha, but peep my post a lil while ago to download this joint!  Also, download their latest project “Ron O’Neal” right here. […]

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