WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Wreck N Crew, Phil Ade, Skyzoo & Schyler Chaise. @Wreck_NCrew @PHILADE301 @skyzoo @SchylerChaise

30 Nov

something new i’m trying out. y’all let me know if you feel it! I thought it’d be cool to let y’all know what i’m listening to right now on my ipod.  There’s about 2 weeks left in school and since i’m an English major, this means lots of papers.  I have to have kinda mellow, soulful music to listen to while i’m doing so.  It also has to be Rap. i’ve found that if i listen to R&B, i’ll be singin the whole time. 🙂

So, this weeks ‘What I’m Listening To’ goes a lil som’n like thisss….

First up, Wreck N Crew.


  Particularly, “Armed & Dangerous.”  Real smooth. i’m lovin the Creewwww *Weeknd voice*. ha, but peep my post a lil while ago to download this joint!  Also, download their latest project “Ron O’Neal” right here.


Next up, Phile Ade.

this whole tape bangs. pick that up right here.


Third, Skyzoo.

instant classic. hate it for ya if ya ain’t heard it! i can help you out tho. peep that right here.


& Last but certainly not least… Schyler Chaise.

Foreign Places… Foreign Places. oh how i love thee! one of my favorites released this year. grab that here!

hope that helps y’all feel good… hopefully i’ve put you on to somethin new or you’re gonna revisit somethin & listen a lil deeper. 

& i’ll be sure to send up a prayer for of my college readers. this time of year is hard but we’ve got it! too close to the finish line to slack.



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