ForthelooveeofMusic Presents: The Release: 1st Edition. Poet Jakia Fareed. @KiSS_MYAVATAR

26 Mar

The first ever Release will come from a mama from my home away from home, Winston-Salem.  Jakia Fareed is a close friend of mine whom i’ve always known to be insightful and a deep thinker.  However, I didn’t realize she was poetic too.  I absolutely love finding out new things about folk around me. especially when it ends in poetry.

Jakia is our first submitter  to The Release & she sets the bar pretty high.  She writes:

 Yesterday’s tomorrow
The sweet smell of honeydew
Oh how I miss yu.
The hues of the sunset remind me of yu.
Thick fog surrounds the trees
and the gentle morning breeze rekindles my memories.
Joy cometh in the morning but my nights are so hard
Grandmother I need yu
ill come where there art.
Today is a better day
Better than my yesterday’s
but not as promising as my tomorrow’s.
Jakia says “Although my grandmother hasn’t passed, I know it’s almost her time. This inspired me to write.”
That’s heavy, right? accepting that death is natural and apart of life is very difficult with people that we love.  I commend Jakia for being so brave and taking this issue head on.
Words can’t express how much i apprecite you for sharing, Jakia! I love you.
y’all make sure to follow her on Twitter  at: @KiSS_MYAVATAR

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