Forthelooveeofmusic Presents: THE RELEASE. 2nd Edition. Poet Brittney Isbell.

2 Apr


I swore i’d never do this but i figured if i got over my fear & posted that more of my readers would do the same.

i’ve been writing for about 5 years now.  i’ve always found it to be extremely therapeutic.  I’ve never published any of my work until now.  hope y’all like it. 🙂




looking back, i can honestly say love has always had a way of paralyzing me.

lust, rather. the feeling of somebody feelin me. wanting me. slows the neurons my brain, captures my spirit and paralyzes my heart.


deeper and deeper into my mental, the love venom sinks. sting like the vicious and unrelenting rattlesnake.

only God knows how i’ll get away from this one cause this black snake went in for the kill.

he doesn’t care that I don’t have medical insurance. consequently,  i can’t get treated at the hospital of broken hearts.

he doesn’t care that my love wounds won’t ever heal cause they’ve been self inflicted so many times before.

he just don’t care.


but then, why do I?

i love the NATURE of love.

so, Naturally, i journey through the jungle in search of my treasure. not weary of the snakes that lie in the grass.


he bites.

shit. should of worn my protective gear. my boots of rubber that prevent his words from sticking like glue in my heart. keep them off repeat of the tape player in my mind.

all that flipping the tape to play over & over again… stop!


my cargo pants that allow me to  disguise myself as a normal gal. type like  me need to blend in with them all cause we’re rare and sought after like the most precious of treasure.


and lastly, but more importantly the shield.  my shield made of the most  adamantine metal i could find. my shield has scars that remind me that no matter how shiny or new, a knife is still a knife.  they can knock you off your game when given the power.

i’m just out here trying to protect my heart by any means necessary like a Black Panther.

But no, i’m a fearless warrior. I’m tried and true and unequivocally befitted for this challenge.

or at least that’s what I thought. while searching through the jungle for my treasure, i forgot the most important protector.

my sight.

blinded by what could be, i forgot what is.

and there beneath the grass, he waits for me. catching me while i’m the least prepared. sinking his teeth into my flesh.

when it’s all done, i’ll wake up wondering what i’ve become.


when it’s all done, i’ll wonder how i came so far but ended all the way back at square one.

4 Responses to “Forthelooveeofmusic Presents: THE RELEASE. 2nd Edition. Poet Brittney Isbell.”

  1. Sherry Walker April 2, 2012 at 2:21 am #

    So beautiful and true, like you’re speaking about me. I’m proud of you babygirl. Keep doing what you’re doing, I love you!

  2. Paige Torres April 2, 2012 at 3:18 am #

    Beezy!! You kill’t this. I love this and you. So proud that you decided to express publicly. Love Love Love …


    • forthelooveeofmusic April 2, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

      thank you Pagina! i love you more & I really appreciate your support. 💛

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