15 May

Hey y’all!

it’s been a while. school got pretty hectic & i neglected my baby. i apologize for the break but we’re back with the funk. I hope all y’all college students ended your semesters well.  Special congratulations to all of the graduates of 2012!

Sometimes in life, it’s easy to lose focus of what’s important.  Whether that be your job, school, your family, a special person…

Whatever it is, when you find yourself wandering in your thoughts, take time to stop and reevaluate how you feel. Life is all about understanding and when your life lacks that key component it’s terribly easy to fall into a funk.  Speak good things over your life.  Deal with whomever makes you happy and don’t take this shit so seriously.  do it all for your love. whatever that is.

I ran across this YouTube clip a while back and I tend to watch it when i’m feeling down.  for me, music is truly one of the things that keeps me going.  it’s my love.  therefore i can’t ever imagine not being able to listen to it leisurely.  The gentlemen showed in this video has been living in a rest home for a few years now & through research, his caretakers found that the only way they could get him to respond was through music therapy.  watch below.



if that ain’t beautiful i don’t know what is.  the power of music is overwhelming.

what keeps you going? what’s your love? talk to me y’all.



thank you for reading. i love you all dearly!



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