Back Like I Never Left.

22 Oct

So, if y’all haven’t noticed… for the love has been real ghost lately.  My life got pretty hectic at one point and I tried to eliminate anything that was taking up any extra space.  But by eliminating for the love, i realized that i had eliminated something that was very very special to me and included my connection to the people.  Anybody that knows me knows that God, love, music and clothes make my world go round. This blog isn’t just a blog to me… it’s my baby. my stage. y’all don’t know how happy I get when I see y’all retweeting my links or when i run into someone and they say “i loved your poem!!” Stuff like that really makes a G all warm on the inside. 🙂

It’s only right that I get back to it.

So, i’ve decided that I wanna take FTL into a different direction… still with the music but I wanna integrate more of my life into it. I’ve got some cool ideas & i think y’all gon eff with it.  I hope to introduce this in the upcoming weeks.


Just hang with me while I attempt to chase some dreams.



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