MUSIC BREAK: Mila & Fire College Ambassador Program

22 Oct

annnd they picked ME! 🙂

This morning, I found out that I’ve been selected to represent Mila and Fire at my university, UNCC.  I’m extremely excited! This is something that i wanted pretty badly so to find out that I got it completely made my Monday. As of now, I am one of five ambassadors that will be spreading the word about Mila and Fire around various college campuses.

before you ask, “What’s Mila and Fire,” allow me to introduce them! Mila and Fire are based out of DC and feature inexpensive, sexy, one of a kind clothing for all us fly girls. Read a little more about them below.

Mila & Fire are long-time best friends who have always had an eclectic sense of fashion and an eye for things that are different. Going out and hunting for unique finds and finding amazing pieces, gives them a high no drug could induce.

Mila & Fire have always been viewed as fashion-forward individuals, and found themselves always being asked to be a personal shopper, or to go out and find unique one-of-a-kind pieces for their friends. After graduating from college, Mila & Fire decided that sharing their passion with their peers would not only be fulfilling, but would be something that allows them to connect with other fashionistas.

“We only buy things we would wear. Mila & Fire gives us an opportunity to connect with other fashionistas with similar ideologies on style. We understand that everyone is on a budget. Why can’t you be fly, sexy, and have amazing clothes without spending your last dime?” M & F


I applied for this program about a month back because one of the many avenues that i plan on pursuing after graduation is clothing. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there.

So in the upcoming months, i’ll have lots of new goodies to share with y’all! i’ll be posting my outfits, where i search for my clothes and keeping you up to date with all that is Mila and Fire. As i said before, i’m super excited and grateful for this opportunity. Visit Mila and Fire to get more information on their brand and lots of other funkyness.

& I just have to say, I was just thinking last night on how i wanted to integrate more of my personal style into FTL and this morning i receive an email telling me that I had been selected as an ambassador of one of my favorite boutiques. God is REAL, y’all!

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